Types of Baby Carriers


Wraps are usually made of pieces of long cloth that wrap around your body and your baby. Wraps are very comfortable for the wearer as they distribute your baby’s weight well minimising pressure points. For a baby they offer optimal head, neck, and back support. Wraps are less structured and you can adjust them as you put them on. Whilst they offer many different positions for holding your baby at various ages, it may also take more time to secure a baby compared to other types of carriers.


Slings are made from fabric and can be used in different positions to carry your baby, depending on his age. The sling goes over your shoulder and form a pouch to hold your baby in a cradling position. Some advantages of carrying a baby in a sling include keeping your baby snuggled close to you, and distributing baby’s weight evenly, minimising a strain on your back. Whilst slings can feel too restrictive for older babies, there is usually no harness inside the sling, so you need to be careful when bending down so that your baby doesn’t fall out.

If you consider buying a sling do not ignore the CPSC’s warnings about suffocation risks with slings. Due to credible concerns about suffocation risks and hip dysplasia risks with slings, it is not recommend that you use sling-type carriers for carrying a new-born baby or a baby up to four months of age.

Mei-TaiBabybjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

Mei-tai carriers have four straps attached to the body of the carrier, they are simple and easy to use, and can accommodate infants to toddlers. Whilst Mei-tai carrier can be tied in a variety of configurations, allowing to wear a baby on your front, back or hip, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear given that many carriers have little or no padding which may cause digging in the shoulder area.

Soft-Structured Carrier

Soft-structured carriers are similarly structured to a backpack. The various designs are generally worn on your front (facing in or out), back or hip. It is suitable for older babies and toddlers. Adjustable and ergonomic, soft-structured carriers and are simple in use and can also be used for new-borns is an insert is included. Unlike the Mei-Tai, it utilizes buckles and snaps, has more padding, especially in the shoulder area.


Backpacks offer a built-in frame that enables you to wear your baby on your back. To use a frame child carrier like a backpack, your little one must be capable of sitting upright without assistance (typically at least 6-7 months old). Backpacks are best for travel, hiking and using around town when shopping.

Best baby carriers and their most important features

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Check Out These Best Selling Baby Carriers

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