Bebamour Cotton Baby Carrier

Product Name:Bebamour Cotton Baby Carrier
Features:adjustable waist band, removable hood, reliable padding, 5 carry ways
Weight:748 g
Size:30 x 18 x 25 cm
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The Bebamour Baby Carrier is an easily adaptable 5-in-1 carrier/hip seat that makes travelling with the little ones more convenient. Its many comfort features help to avoid issues with discomfort in the area of the shoulders, arms and back while in use. So, for the parents with a baby or toddler aged up to 36 months, the Bebamour baby carrier is certain to make a practical travel companion.

Features You’ll Love

For a versatile and high-quality baby product, the Bebamour Cotton Baby Carrier is rich in features and provides a great alternative to using a buggy. Let’s look at some of its best features:

Multifunctional: the baby carrier is designed to work in 5 different positions, including back position, face forward position and face inward position.

Breathable material: the Bebamour Baby Carrier is made with 100% cotton to make sure the baby is left feeling cool and cosy when carried.

For ages:  the Bebamour is intended for babies to toddlers from three to 36 months, and weight up to 20 kg (or nearly 45 pounds).

Removable hood: the detachable sunshine hood is useful for its ability to protect the baby from wind and direct sunshine.

Comfortable: the Bebamour Baby Carrier has plenty of comfort features, such as an adjustable chest strap (great to distribute weight), wide padded shoulder straps, and wide padded waist belt for lumbar support.

Adjustable waist band: for ease in passing the baby carrier from mum to dad, it has been designed with a fully adjustable waist band which can reach 111 cm.

Dimensions: the baby carrier has an ergonomic design and sized 11.8 inches (L) by 9.8 inches (H) by 7.1 inches (W), while the item weight is a respectable 0.75 kg.

What Consumers Say

If you really what to know what other mums and dads have said about the Bebamour Baby Carrier, why not take a look at these pluses and minuses that have been sourced from real user feedback.


  • Varying positions to easily support and place babies
  • Very comfortable for both parent and child
  • Easy to use
  • Greater versatility than a buggy, especially in crowded areas or when needing to navigate a lot of steps
  • It is built to be safe and sturdy
  • Plenty of adjustable features; useful to interchange between parents
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Detachable pocket for baby’s or parents’ necessities
  • Very lightweight, yet still feels very secure for the child
  • Good sunshine and wind protection with the adjustable hood
  • Reliable padding in the important areas


  • Easier to put on and take off when help is available


Versatile with multiple carrying positions, the Bebamour Cotton Carrier is a practical solution for short distances or travelling to places that aren’t the most buggy-friendly, including the highly congested and places with many steps. With its 5-in-1 design, comfort features, and lightweight build, this baby carrier has the potential to provide a very safe and secure means for travelling with the little ones.

The Bebamour Cotton Baby Carrier with hood cover and detachable pocket has a high 4.8 out of 5 on the Amazon marketplace and provides a great product that is certain to make the baby happy.

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