BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle

Product Name:BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle
Features:padded back support, wide shoulder straps and waist belt, adjustable height, inwards or outwards facing
Colour:black - airy mesh
Weight:798 g
Size:38 x 10 x 18 cm
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The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle has the ability to provide ergonomic carrying comfort for the baby at birth to 15 months (or 3 to 12kg).

It gives the perfect opportunity to carry the baby in several different ways for greater comfort and convenience. Plus, the fully adjustable design, with back support and waist belt, means it is very easy to adapt the placement of the baby as the little one starts to grow.

Features You’ll Love

Superior comfort and support, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle is rich in high-quality features to provide a carrier that can be enjoyed by both baby and parent. Let’s look at some of the most promising features:

For ages: the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier is designed to give great comfort and practical for babies in the region of 0-15 months.

Great support: the baby carrier comes with plenty of features to give comfort to the carrying parent such as padded back support, wide shoulder straps and waist belt, which have the ability to minimize discomfort noticed in the back and shoulder area.

Easily adjustable: the carrier is designed with easy adjustment straps to help relieve discomfort in pressure point areas, such as the shoulders, hips and waist.

2-way carrying: for greater convenience and comfort, the Miracle has a choice of carrying positions, including a 2-way front carrying design (baby can face inwards or outwards). For the essential closeness at an early age, the inward facing position is often enjoyed.

Baby-friendly fabric: the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier has been made using baby-friendly fabrics that are entirely harmless to the more sensitive child’s skin and less likely to trigger allergies.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to find out what other parents have said about the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle, why not take a look are these plus and minus points that have been sourced from real customer feedback.


  • Easy to wear all day with the lighter baby (up to 7 months)
  • Great hands-free baby care product
  • Good back support
  • Goes on very quickly; usually less than 30 seconds
  • Very nice fabric and is easy to wipe clean
  • Gives great comfort for both baby and parent
  • Easy to set the height of the baby
  • Locks are very sturdy and solid
  • The parent has the choice of facing the baby inwards or outwards
  • Ridiculously smart design


  • Unable to see your feet; this can make climbing the stairs more difficult
  • Not the easiest to put on for the first-time parent


User friendly and secure, the Miracle carrier is a high-quality baby care product that not only feels very comfortable for the baby, but great for the parent to run errands with virtually no discomfort. With its adjustable straps, flexible positioning and sturdy locks, this baby carrier is practical enough to use all day for the smaller babies (usually those aged 7-8 months).

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle has a high 4.6 out of 5 on the Amazon marketplace and provides an adjustable and ergonomic carrier that is great for both parent and baby.


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